Lighthouse Marketing Solutions Is an
Expert at Maximizing Impact

Our people have an infectious sense of passion, optimism, and charisma. Why? Because we’re not just working for ourselves at Lighthouse Marketing Solutions – we’re a force for good. Our team is on the front line for social impact businesses and charities, ensuring that their missions are made known. Our mission to create change fuels us.

Our personalized outreach campaigns give causes a voice. Our flexible approach takes many forms, but they all allow us to connect directly to target donors. We make personal connections that maximize the impact being made by the change agents around the world and in our community.

We’re Working to Create a Better Worldat Lighthouse Marketing Solutions

In the Lighthouse Marketing Solutions office, we share a vision for a world in which every child is educated, no human is treated like property, healthcare is available to all, and nature is globally respected. These are huge goals to be sure, but we know we can make this a reality by empowering our people to be their personal and professional best. Our people are the voices of organizations like ChildFund, which is working to help children overcome the factors that prevent them from achieving productive adulthoods. We give voice to causes like this that have a long history of success, and that makes us part of the movement for change.

Great Causes Deserve a Powerful Voice

Our collective mission is to use our voices to promote great causes by connecting directly with the public. While having an online presence is good, our team members are much more effective at building meaningful connections in person. Our people have been through rigorous training, making them experts at promotion. Whether we’re partnering with a sustainable food company or raising awareness in the fight against poverty, we know how to link likeminded people with the organizations that resonate with them. We’re shaping the future one conversation at a time.

Lighthouse Marketing Solutions The Values That Inspire Us


While we’re good with words, it’s our actions that speak loudest. We advocate for the organizations that are making the biggest difference. It’s a responsibility and a privilege.


We are dreamers – that’s why we do what we do. Our team is united by a common belief that our efforts can and will make a difference, and that by working together we can do more than any of us could do alone.


We’re grateful to be part of Lighthouse Marketing Solutions, where we can build careers while making an impact. It’s also an honor to know we’re standing up for those who may not be able to stand up for themselves. We’re part of a business community with purpose.


The stakes are too high for us to accept anything less than the best from ourselves. Our expertise spans diverse areas – some obvious, like communications and business, others more niche, such as psychology and environmental science. This way, we can meet any fundraising need and deliver exceptional results.

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