There are many perks that come with being part of Team Lighthouse Marketing Solutions, with travel incentives occupying a high spot on the list. We give our people chances to see the world as they develop their skills and reach their highest career goals. From leadership conferences to exotic retreats, our team members have the chance to expand their horizons in every conceivable way.

One of the best things about our travel opportunities is that they put our event managers in touch with hugely accomplished people. Our team members learn from influential industry figures when they represent Lighthouse Marketing Solutions at conferences and other events. They also get to exchange tips with other successful event managers from across the country.

Getting away from their work roles for a while also helps our team members build stronger bonds with each other. Making the most of every destination is something our people take seriously. They check out the best restaurants and unique attractions that each new place they visit has to offer. Our people create lasting memories when they’re on the road, and they come back to the office ready to carry the positivity forward. The excitement our team feels after a trip comes through in their collaboration.

Travel incentives are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the perks we offer. To learn more about our inspiring work culture, follow Lighthouse Marketing Solutions on Facebook.

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