What does Lighthouse Marketing
Solutions do as a business?

Sales and Marketing

We are an outsourced sales and marketing team of professionals dedicated to connecting ideal customers to a variety of mission-driven organizations.

Training & Coaching

We provide one-of-a-kind training, regardless of anyone’s background, and coach people to become outstanding brand ambassadors not just as a part of
the team, but as an individual.

Business Development

We create original processes to develop and continuously grow valuable relationships between customers and organizations.

Why are we recruiting?

Increased Client Demand

2020 was a tough year for many businesses and brought about unforeseen challenges. For most businesses, a decrease in revenue became a top challenge. Now, more than ever, there’s a need for brand new customers that our skilled team can successfully provide.

Progression & Expansion

The average life is not as appealing as it once was, so why settle for only average? At Lighthouse Marketing Solutions, we want to coach people on fundamental business skills that give the average person an above average chance to succeed in life. And we don’t plan to settle either! Our goal is to expand Lighthouse Marketing Solutions coast to coast.

Who do we work with?

Non-Profit Organizations

How does

At Lighthouse Marketing Solutions, we embrace the nature of building relationships face-to-face. People often get lost in the digital world that we live in, abandoning that human presence that businesses truly need for beneficial expansion.

We increase organization’s exposure by setting up organized events that bring awareness to businesses’ causes that need it the most. The brand recognition that we build channels the love and knowledge people have for the non-profit organizations we represent.

What Lighthouse Marketing Solutions Looks For?


Hard Working

Honesty & Integrity


Self Motivation

Willingness to Learn

Our Lighthouse team is full of talented and passionate people

Meet our leadership team.

Michael Scola


Racine Medrano

Crew Leader

Daniel Disalvo

Crew Leader

Hannah Johnson

Training Manager

Why should
you join
Lighthouse Marketing?

Anyone who embodies the attributes we are looking for will find Lighthouse Marketing Solutions the right career home. If you’re still not convinced, check out why you should become our next brand ambassador:

Personal Growth Is Guaranteed

Your background doesn’t matter – there will always be space for growth at Lighthouse Marketing Solutions. You will learn leadership skills, best practices for implementing face to face solutions, how to effectively represent prominent organizations and much more! Advancement is endless.

We Know How To Have Fun

We’re not just about work and no play at Lighthouse Marketing Solutions. We like to have fun too! We are genuinely motivated and believe in the ethical organizations we market, so you won’t find any grumpy faces around here. Our unity and ability to inspire, along with our celebrations for individual and shared wins, helps make our work environment fun to be around – just as much as the incredible people we work with.

Change Can Be Good

2020 shook up many people’s lives and brought about many unforeseen adjustments. It also brought forth talents people started honing in on and garnering success from. Change can make you anxious to maneuver, but we challenge you to take a chance on a new and exciting journey with Lighthouse Marketing Solutions. With the skills of our leading brand ambassadors and your raw abilities, you will quickly reap the benefits of development as an individual and as part of Lighthouse Marketing Solutions.

Apply Now!

We can’t wait to see what you accomplish with our team!

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